How to pass Hazard Perception Test (HPT) for Australian License in one attempt?

Photo by Alessio Lin on Unsplash

To progress from a learner driver licence to a P1 licence, you need to pass the Hazard Perception Test before you can sit the driving test.

About the Hazard Perception Test

The HPT is a computer-based touch screen test. It measures your ability to recognise potentially dangerous situations on the road and respond appropriately.

It aims to ensure you have enough hazard perception skills to prepare you for solo driving and progress to a P1 licence.

There are 15 film clips in the test. You’ll be given two clips to practice before the test begins.

The test questions and situations focus on the common crash types for NSW provisional drivers. The test uses real traffic situations and each clip asks you to touch the screen, when you would slow down, overtake or turn at an intersection.

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How to pass this test in one go?

This test can be a little tricky as it’s not selecting answers with options provided, like DKT. Instead, you will be shown a video and asked to respond within a given time frame.

Since this is a computer-based touch screen test, you can practice this test using an app. I’ve used this app and highly recommend it. If you practice all the questions (about 34) for 3–4 times, then you will easily pass your HPT exam.

Another important advantage of this app is that you can see the reasons why might fail in the question.

App link for HPT in Apple store for iPhone/iPad

Google play link for Android